Since we ship globaly, the time of delivery depends on your country and the delivery services of your country.

All days counted are only the working days Monday – Friday, exluding holidays.

Please consider the delivery time of your country if you plan to make a gift.
That’s extremely important so please consider it before you buy!

If ANYTHING goes wrong with your order, we are here to help, refund and support you. You talk directly with us and we solve the issue.

We provide FULL REFUND and we support you
6 days of the week  10:00 Р21:00 for anything you need

Delivery Time
Europe : 3-5 weeks (25-45 work days)
USA : 2-4 weeks (20-30 work days)
Australia: 4-6 weeks (30-40 work days)
Africa: 4-6 weeks (30-40 work days)

Since our base is in Greece, we can inform the Greek audience that delivery time is about 30-45 days.

It is extremely rare case for the products to not be delivered so please be patient. If this case happens we are here to support you.